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With so many beds to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Well, guess what? It’s easier than you think. We’ve reviewed a collection of different beds, so all you have to do is pick the one that suits your needs best.

Below you will find some short reviews of specific beds, the best we have, here at The Bedroom Warehouse. Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem! We also included links to various other bed resources to make sure you find exactly what you want.

How Do I Know What Kind Of Bed Is Best For My Needs?

The answer to that is simple as well – you just need to know what the bed is used for (yourself or for guests), how much you are willing to spend, how much space you have, and what kind of décor the bed must suit.

If you have very little space, or live in a loft or something along those lines, then perhaps a Murphy bed is best for you. With the ability to put the bed into the wall or cabinet, your floorspace is dramatically increased.

Don’t want a wall bed but still want a bed that doesn’t take up too much space? Rollaway bed’s are your next best option. Of course, if the bed is merely for a guest, then rollaway beds become the greatest choice! Simply fold it, and roll it to the closet until the next guest comes over.

Need a bed for your kids who share the same bedroom, and you don’t want bunk-beds? Easy! Trundle beds, the bed within a bed, is exactly what you need. Just pull the slightly smaller bed out from under the bigger one and voila, two beds!

Murphy Beds – The Top 3 Best Wall Beds

These beds have been around for a while. Created out of a need for more entertaining space, a crafty bachelor designed a bed that can lift up into the wall. Perfect! Pull it down at night, then make up the bed and push it up into the wall or cabinet during the day. All that floor space reclaimed! Check out the article on Murphy Beds if you want to see if they are really for you.

If this is the kind of bed you need, check out these 3 great options!

Queen Wall Bed with Storage Units in White

queen-wall-bedThis beautiful Murphy bed starts out as a set of cabinets. The side area is in fact actual storage units, so you also create a bunch of space to put your belongings.

It is queen size, and measures in at about 115 inches. It weights 680 pounds, however if you are looking online you’ll find many retailers like Amazon offer free shipping.

This is an excellent model that we can definitely recommend. Check out the great reviews on Amazon!

Queen Wall Bed in Tuscany Brown Finish

tuscany-murphy-bedThis is another great Murphy Bed. Also queen size, and also comes with free shipping for qualified orders. Which is most orders placed on Amazon!

Again, this model looks like a cabinet while it is closed. It’s simply amazing how much floor space can be reclaimed when you put the bed up.

You can use this extra space for exercise, yoga, or whatever you want. Best part is, if you don’t make your bed in the morning no one will ever know. Makes me want to buy a Murphy bed!

Wall Bed and Storage Units with Drawers

another-oneLastly we have this queen sized wall bed. This unit is similar to the first Murphy bed we discussed. It is in a wonderful brown color, and as mentioned is queen size.

I don’t know of many twin sized Murphy beds, or king sized for that matter. They must exist of course, but you’re probably better off buying some wall bed plans and having someone with some experience build the bed for you.

Otherwise, this model is still a great option. Don’t forget to get a mattress for it, as it doesn’t actually ship with one.

Rollaway Beds – 2016’s Best Folding Portable Beds

One of my favorite kinds of bed is easily the rollaway bed. You can fold it, and then roll it where ever your heart desires. Keep it in a closet and when guests pop by for an overnight visit, simply roll it back out, unfold it, and there you go. A great guest bed!

Rollaway beds come in so many options its impossible to list them all. That’s why I’m only going to list the 3 best ones available. For more great rollaway bed that didn’t make my list, just visit Jim Ehersteins rollaway bed site found here: Rollaway Beds For Sale: A Comparison Of The Best Folding Guest Beds

There you will find more beds that I didn’t include in the list below, and make sure to read our article comparing two popular bed choices.

Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed With 6 inch Tufted Premium Innerspring Mattress

hospitality-rollaway-bedThis is a monster bed! Wow! Can’t say enough good things about this model. While it is one of the more expensive rollaway beds available, it is also without a doubt the best! I have personally slept on this bed numerous times and therefore can definitely recommend it.

If you are going to buy a rollaway bed, make this your first choice if budget is of no concern.

iBed in a Box Rollaway Guest Bed with Memory Foam, Deluxe

ibedAnother great choice, this rollaway bed is dirt cheap. You can pick it up from Amazon for under 120 dollars! What a great bargain, considering that this unit, along with most rollaway beds, comes with a mattress.

This model can be folded or unfolded in just 2 minutes, is very light, and has no bars which can cause discomfort as the mattress, while comfy, is only 3 inches thick.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Getaway Premier Twin Size Folding Guest Bed

sleep-masterThe Sleep Master series of rollaway beds is nothing short of fantastic! It is mid-priced, and you get a lot of extra comfort, space, and durability when compared to the iBed. Sure it isn’t as luxurious as the Hospitality Bed, however it is also nearly a third of the price!

A 5 inch mattress is included of course, and it is excellent and comfortable. Don’t miss out on reading more reviews about this rollaway bed, as it might be the one that fits your needs and budget the best!


Trundle Beds – The Best Alternative To Bunk Beds

This is another darn good invention. A full sized bed that has another full size bed just underneath it. Grab the handle and pull the trundle bed out and there you go, two beds! Don’t want a bunk bed for your children? Tired of them sharing a bed and causing a ruckus all night? Problem solved! Just buy a trundle bed!

These are pretty cool, because when it’s just one bed it looks sort of like a platform style bed. The secondary portion is hidden behind false drawers or other decorative stuff. The selection here is limited but you can search around for more variety and reviews like the ones at

In any case, let me show you a couple of the best alternatives to bunk-beds!

Furniture of America Daybed with Trundle Bed

daybed-with-trundleThis shapely daybed (just a term, obviously its good for night too!) includes a trundle. It looks fantastic, and even better, it is super budget friendly. It’s actually kind of shocking how cheap this trundle bed is.

It is about 40 inches across, and the length is about 79 inches. So rest assured most everyone can use it comfortably.

The Tokyo Metal Frame Daybed and Trundle

metal-trundle-bedRather than use wood, this stylish and cheap trundle bed utilizes a metal frame. It looks fantastic as you can see. Sort of blending a rustic look with Asian tones, the price is really good. It is available from Amazon for just over 200 dollars, and includes free shipping at the time I wrote this.

Obviously it comes with a roll out trundle, and it fits two standard twin size mattresses. Sadly, they need to be purchased separately. Still, it is a great model!

Full Bed With Trundle by Poundex

trundle-bed-2Poundex makes a great wood and faux leather trundle bed. This just so happens to be it! A little more expensive than the other two models we covered above, it is nonetheless worth every penny.

The upper mattress should be about an 8 inch thick variety, and on the trundle portion a 6 inch mattress fits perfectly. This pretty standard for trundle beds.


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