Rollaway Beds vs Sofa Beds

When comparing different types of beds it must be taken into account that certain beds are useful for different reasons. I will compare the rollaway bed and the sofa bed.

rollaway bed folded upRollaway beds are one of the most useful and convenient beds available on the market today. They are built with strength and durability in mind.

Rollaway beds come in many sizes and models, and with various prices to choose from. The typical rollaway bed comes with a mattress “with or without a pillow top” and is extremely easy to fold and unfold.

The casters are made of very hard wearing and long lasting material and glide easily across your floors. The casters also have a locking mechanism for added stability.

These rollaway beds are very easy to store and take up a surprisingly small amount of storage space. In fact they can be kept in a closet and some you can even store under a regular bed.

The frames are made of strong lightweight, long lasting, hard wearing steel, that helps support the mattress for added stability. When it comes to manoeuvrability, even a child could manage this bed. Rollaway beds are definitely as comfortable as a regular bed and very easy to set up.

So the rollaway is perfect for people who live in small apartments or do not have an extra room. As they take up very little space and are the perfect sleeping accommodation for guests of all sizes. In fact some people believe they are just as comfortable if not more than some regular beds.

You must consider all the pros and cons before purchasing a bed for your guest. Rollaway beds or sofa beds – the choice is up to you. Which ever you choose I’m sure it will be the right choice for your space as well as your guest.

What About Sofa Beds? Are They Better Than Rollaway Beds?

blue sofa bedThe sofa bed, also known as a hide-a-bed is typically a couch which has it’s seating cushions, a metal frame and thin mattress underneath. This can be unfolded or opened up to make a bed.

Sofa beds can be found not just in many styles, but many sizes as well.

They range from cot sized beds to queen size as well. Almost all sofa beds contain the standard bar and canvas mechanism seen for years, however a few new lines can be found with alternative mechanisms.

Leonard C Bailey took out a patent for making the first “Folding Bed” on the 18th of July 1899. The metal bed frame was capable of being folded, with a bent mattress closed for use if needed. Later it became to be known as a hide a bed or sofa bed. Rollaway beds fold up as well.

These beds fit well in formal settings like the living room, as well as a guest room or even in a child’s room. They are available in rich coloured upholstery, dark wood and firm cushions.

They are perfect for small to medium apartments or condos. The design is mainly favouring function and comfort. These types of beds are an added bonus for mobile homes or cottages, as the couch serves a duel purpose with seating during the day and a comfortable sleeping area at night.

So if you are in the market for an extra bed and need to furnish your small to medium space you can not go wrong with a sofa bed or a rollaway bed, the choice is yours.

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