Quilts, Bedspreads, Comforters and Duvets

Quilts, The origins of quilting remain unknown, what we do know however is that quilting was used to cover furniture and make clothing as well as covers for beds.

Quilts were made by sandwiching a decorated top with a filler in the middle and plain material for it’s bottom. They were extremely warm and wore very well.

During difficult times when material and money were hard to come by, the art of patchwork quilts was born. The women gathered all types of scrap material and joined them together to form a quilt.

From these humble beginnings, came some of the most beautiful quilts ever made. Millions of people still adorn their beds with quilts, while some are new others are family heirlooms.

Bedspreads, Bedspreads come in a multitude of designs along with a wide variety of colors. Bedspreads can be made from just about any material with choices to fit any decor.

They are very durable and with care can last many years. They are almost always made using washable material,s which make them easy to clean.

Their tightly woven fabric is not easy to tear and very lightweight so you can even use your bedspread in the summer as well as during a mild winter.

Comforters, To begin with comforters are similar to a quilt in some ways. They are thick like a quilt and often quilted, but the material used is often dyed and rarely embroidered.

Comforters may be filled with layers of polyester batting, wool or silk. This is secured inside the comforter to ensure it is kept evenly distributed.

When it comes to children the comforter is a popular choice. It is not only lightweight but very warm, it’s easy for children to make up their bed, by simply giving it a shake.

Duvets, Duvets are by far the most popular bed covering in this modern age. Duvets are filled with down, feathers or a synthetic fiber and used as a blanket as well as a bed topper.

The duvet is like a zippered bag, filled with the filler then protected by a removable cover. These covers come in a multitude of fabrics and designs.

When it comes to warmth you would find a duvet is very hard to beat. Especially if it’s filled with down or feathers. Plus, you can conveniently change the looks by simply changing the duvet cover.

But whether you choose a quilt, bedspread, comforter or duvet, as long as you are warm and comfortable then rest assured it’s the right choice for you.

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