Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed Review

When it comes to beds its amazing how many different types there are. Not only do beds come in different sizes but also in different forms.

There are beds hidden in cabinets and sofas, there are fold away beds and even beds under beds and surprisingly beds that are concealed in walls.

Of course each different bed has its own attributes, but today it’s the fold away bed I’d like to discuss, this bed is more commonly known as the rollaway bed.

Rollaway beds are an asset to any home large or small. The ability to fold and store these beds away make for a convenient extra bed in a matter of moments.

The Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed with memory foam mattress is an excellent choice. So if you are looking for a great rollaway bed you need look no further.

This rollaway bed not only folds for easy storage,but also boasts a 4 inch memory foam mattress, for an extremely comfortable nights rest.

The bed frame is 12 inches high with 11 inches of clearance. It’s bamboo cover is great for your guest who may have sensitive skin.

With it’s sturdy, durable construction supporting the mattress it will absorb the impact and sleepers weight avoiding that bouncy feeling.

This bed boasts 2 locking wheels for extra stability and safety. The powder coated lightweight frame is engineered for strength and durability.

The Lucid rollaway guest bed is quick and easy to assembly. It is simple to fold and can be rolled away and stored when not in use, and takes up very little storage space.

The mattress is soft and supportive it also features a 1 inch memory foam with 3 inches of support foam assuring you and your guest of a restful nights sleep.

This bed is also safe for children to sleep on and has no harmful odors. And it’s spring supporting deck offers more comfort than wooden slats or wire mesh.

So if you are considering a rollaway bed you will certainly be happy with this one. For comfort, convenience and price this bed will very be hard to beat.

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