Choosing The Right Mattress For You

With the onset of spring comes a few renovations due to the fact several sets of company will visit over summer. This year the guest bedroom has under gone a transformation.

The closet has been made bigger, the walls have been painted and a new rug installed. The old mattress has been discarded in favor of a new one.

Now purchasing a new mattress may seem like an easy thing to do but certain things must be taken into account. You don’t want to purchase the wrong one and have to replace it again in a few years.

Mattresses last approximately 8 to 10 years, however you can with the proper care increase it’s life expectancy and get up to 12 years of use.

How? First keep it clean, a mattress protector can help they are inexpensive and can be easily removed for cleaning. Rotate your mattress every 3 months.

You can rotate it end to end, this will provide uniform wear. Also on a yearly basis you can turn the mattress over, keep in mind you cannot turn a pillow top mattress over.

Vacuuming your mattress can also help keep it clean it’s a good idea to to do this each time you rotate it just use the upholstery brush on your vacuum.

It is important when purchasing a mattress to factor in a few things, such as the weight and age of the user. This will help when choosing the firmness of the new mattress.

Don’t be sucked in to thinking a pillow top mattress is best, these can cost a lot more. Good quality mattresses are available with out, and you can certainly add a topper at a later date if you wish.

Memory foam mattresses are all the rage for now, memory foam softens as it reacts to the bodies heat, thus allowing it to mold to your bodies shape.

This mattress helps alleviate back and neck pain for many users. Another advantage of memory foam mattresses are the fact they are anti microbial and therefore resist dust mites.

Gel mattresses, contain gel in the products support system, the gel is added to the foam using different types of technology. This mattress offers consumers comfort and heat dissipation.

Latex mattresses, these mattresses use latex foam as the support system. Latex can be made from petroleum or, plant based materials which is good for the environment.

Last but not least the innerspring mattress, these use a steel coil system. The innerspring is covered by padding or upholstery, including foam, fiber and even additional smaller steel springs.

While there are a wide variety of mattresses available on today’s market look for one that fits your budget and at the same time fills most of your needs.

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